Joe Rogan on Possible Pacquiao vs. McGregor Fight

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#1563 w/Tony Hinchcliffe:


  1. Jofhrey Corpuz
    Jofhrey Corpuz
    Acum 2 Zile

    manny is like so super hyper, the guy is everywhere.

  2. Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan
    Acum 3 Zile

    is this about pacquiao or mayweather?

  3. Darren Lewis L.O.H
    Darren Lewis L.O.H
    Acum 8 Zile

    Manny breaks conor within 1 round

  4. Garry Preston
    Garry Preston
    Acum 9 Zile

    i remember when Mike Tyson act like he was gonna punch Floyd but Floyd didn't even flinch a bit.

  5. Adam Groves
    Adam Groves
    Acum 26 Zile

    So stfu joe

  6. Adam Groves
    Adam Groves
    Acum 26 Zile

    Mayweather has lost 2 or 3 fights

  7. Gon Freecs
    Gon Freecs
    Acum lună

    I really wouldn't say FMJ is the GOAT because he is 50-0 because if that's the case then MJ isn't the greatest hooper of all time. Efren "Bata" Reyes (which I know Joe loves), isn't the best pool player of all time... etc...

  8. Cesar Ortiz
    Cesar Ortiz
    Acum lună

    Mayweather sucks bro doesn't ko anyone once he gets rocked he runs away u pay to watch 13 rounds of running tell the truth

  9. Christopherjames Saiyad
    Christopherjames Saiyad
    Acum lună

    Joe "He keeps making money" Rogan

  10. PaulyM856
    Acum lună

    " b u t h e n e v e r d o e s" "hekeepsmakinmoney" "h e k e e p s m a k i n m o n e y" Joe Rogan ladies and gents. :)

  11. Ryne Agheilim
    Ryne Agheilim
    Acum lună

    Rogan on Manny playing pool: HE COULD BE A WORLD CHAMPION SOMEDAY LIKE, LEGIT!! Rogan on Manny as a boxer: He may have been taking PEDs

  12. Citizen Goose
    Citizen Goose
    Acum lună

    Floyd's 50-0 is... Debatable. That time he fought pacquiao... That was soo bought. It was practically pacman vs 3 judges.

  13. jon Johnson
    jon Johnson
    Acum lună

    Manny would knock him out

  14. Saleh Sharqi
    Saleh Sharqi
    Acum lună

    Mike tyson's strategy: One tap

    Acum lună

    Did you see Mayweather VS. Castillo 1 . He clearly lost that fight

  16. Ulilang Matapang
    Ulilang Matapang
    Acum lună

    Haaà ..bullshit! The kid (mcgregor)6,2 against the elder (Pacquiao)5'6. Joke ass... And I still pick Manny.

  17. Ricky Thaow
    Ricky Thaow
    Acum lună

    So you wanted to watch some boxing you watch Conor vs mayweather lol watch some proper boxing fights

  18. Chris Home
    Chris Home
    Acum lună

    I'm a big Conor McGregor fan but he's not going to beat Manny Pacquiao

  19. Demetrious Jordan
    Demetrious Jordan
    Acum lună

    This guy that Joe is talking to seems like he really doesn't want to give any props to Mayweather for some reason 😂

  20. Ruben Partono
    Ruben Partono
    Acum 2 luni

    5:58 He doesn't even MOVE! He doesn't even move, he's a master of distance! When I go to university I'll be a Master of Distance.

  21. irimia1234
    Acum 2 luni

    as long as it is on spotify I am only watching these highlights. Make a shitload of money Joe, you deserve it, just Spotify sucks ass

  22. KKK
    Acum 2 luni


  23. Ninja NightTv
    Ninja NightTv
    Acum 2 luni

    That master of distance “non flinch”move was jus him not registering the punch fast enough so he had no reaction to that😂😂 even I do this by accident sometimes cause im jus processing so much but he got lucky it wasn’t a strong jab

  24. Ricky Thaow
    Ricky Thaow
    Acum 2 luni

    Floyd is a defensive genius in the boxing ring and when he fought Conor he basically walked him down no defence. Watch the Conor fight and then watch mayweather vs Canelo and you will see Floyd was basically sparring with Conor.

  25. Dan Esquivel
    Dan Esquivel
    Acum 2 luni


  26. Geormagne Tupas
    Geormagne Tupas
    Acum 2 luni

    dude, manny has more experience in boxing, how can conor win?

  27. slick world
    slick world
    Acum 2 luni

    Mayweather is a good businessman. But a boxer??? He will never be one of the goats.

  28. Adoboy
    Acum 2 luni

    Funny I never thought about it as being a Filipino thing, but we Filipinos really do be playing pool for hours tho 😂

  29. Khadji Ulangkaya
    Khadji Ulangkaya
    Acum 2 luni

    Clickbait. He talked.more about flomo than he did about pacmac 😑

  30. Mike Perez
    Mike Perez
    Acum 2 luni

    Connor the con artist..

  31. Michael C
    Michael C
    Acum 2 luni

    I hate that when talking about Mayweather's record of being undefeated never mention that there have been boxers who have gone beyond 50 fights before losing. He's most definitely the best defensive boxer of all time IMO, but he isn't the best all around. If he didn't switch back to his defensive style against Miadona he would have 100 percent lost that fight. He's not a brawler at all, and some of us don't want to see a how many times can I tap you contest

    1. Samuel Fagbemi
      Samuel Fagbemi
      Acum 2 luni

      False Floyd used offense and defense brilliantly in that Maidana fight.

  32. Joerogansdmtpipe
    Acum 2 luni

    Forgetttt abouuut itt

  33. Harry Miles
    Harry Miles
    Acum 2 luni

    Rogan is way off in his assessment of the McGregor/Mayweather fight. Floyd carried Conor (and admits to it in an interview) to put on a show for the fans. Floyd didn't show 1/10th of his boxing skills. That uppercut everyone is talking about that Conor landed on Floyd had no pop on it and Floyd was never in any danger. Mayweather held back on his pull-counters and intentionally didn't hammer Conor with this right hand like he could have until the 10th round. Conor never had a chance in that fight. As for Manny, Conor wouldn't last one round. Manny is the only boxer to win titles in 8 different weight classes and he wouldn't carry Conor. He'd just come out and probably KO Conor in the first exchange.

  34. MP Aung
    MP Aung
    Acum 2 luni

    Is that a Question? 😂😂

  35. 2dowde
    Acum 2 luni

    Had to Google Tony Hinchcliffe as didnt know who he was. I see he's a comedian. Now it makes complete sense when he said the Mayweather McGreogor fight was close - what a joker!

  36. Pandamonia
    Acum 2 luni

    He’s the current wba welter weight champion. Of course he fights

  37. Niall Cnoc
    Niall Cnoc
    Acum 2 luni

    I’m Irish and the current 154lb champion is a guy called Craig O'Brien. Now Craig isn’t at European level not a mind to say world elite level. I guarantee you that Craig would beat Conor in a boxing bout. This talk is silly and an insult to boxing. They are talking about a Pacman bout😂 sweet suffering Jesus if Manny was 62 he would still send a prime CMcG to heaven. As the “champ champ” says “Greatness is still below him” well Manny isn’t great, he’s a God🥊 Stay in you lane kid if you want to have a prolonged MMA career as you have been recently saying. Btw I’m not a Conor hater. I’ve never seen a guy who genuinely loves his country more than him and he has done extreme acts of kindness for many cities in Ireland during this Covid. He is a good guy under that extreme confidence he has and I do believe he is the best at what he does. But please leave the little Pilipino alone for your health brother 🇮🇪

  38. Janjans Vlogs
    Janjans Vlogs
    Acum 2 luni

    joe, did you know that manny doesn't box when he's not on contract? never. he said it on the interview, he's too busy being a politician, helping the poor, basketball, business, badminton, and family. he only trains 3 months camp before the fight.

  39. diego
    Acum 2 luni

    Joe makes it seem like its obvious and shit like bro, you said Ronda could beat Floyd haha, shut the fuck up haha.

  40. Ed Norm
    Ed Norm
    Acum 2 luni

    pacio will beat yo fuckin ass in boxin this what he do, u mma its different

  41. RyzenKurt Ritchie
    RyzenKurt Ritchie
    Acum 3 luni

    Dont be suprise if filipino knows how to play billiards

  42. DHILLON84
    Acum 3 luni

    Joe doesn’t like Conor and he has made it obvious in numerous occasion lmao

  43. Nathaniel Rosabal
    Nathaniel Rosabal
    Acum 3 luni

    Not interested. Conor will get flattened on his face in the 1st round. I'm warning yall now manny pac is not mayweather! He will knock conor the fuck out.

  44. Shaka Zulu
    Shaka Zulu
    Acum 3 luni

    Yeah Mayweather is that smart making Mosley have a blood test before the match and waited for a Pacquiao past his prime to fight him. Mayweather maybe smart and intelligent but he would never be the Greatest boxer more of like the Greatest Promoter.

  45. Joelson Sabado
    Joelson Sabado
    Acum 3 luni

    connor can unload on pacquiao as much as he wants hes not gonna win in an all out blitz fire fight with the pacman

  46. Paul Fernandez
    Paul Fernandez
    Acum 3 luni

    So youre telling us mayweather beat manny when mayweather all did is running

  47. Kryptic -
    Kryptic -
    Acum 3 luni

    Personally can't stand mayweather. I get dodging and shit. But putting your head in your crouch and turning your back to your opponent so they arent "allowed" to do anything. That doesn't account to fighting, its called being a bitch. And its the exact reason why if floyd went to mma he'd just get suplexed and ground and pounded.

  48. Tommy Brunstad
    Tommy Brunstad
    Acum 3 luni

    Lol . Sounds like Joe is in love.....

  49. Just-Infinite Gaming
    Just-Infinite Gaming
    Acum 3 luni

    there was a but coming?... I couldn't believe it too!

  50. SevenDeMagnus
    Acum 3 luni


  51. I P
    I P
    Acum 3 luni

    Pac vs mcgrgor make it happen now!

  52. khaled aldoraee
    khaled aldoraee
    Acum 3 luni


  53. Nicolas Castellano
    Nicolas Castellano
    Acum 3 luni

    Pacquiao would smoke McGregor

  54. Charles Inoferio
    Charles Inoferio
    Acum 3 luni

    lmao he aint lying about Pool. My dad, who's laid back, talks but not too much.. hustled my brother in law and I in a game lol were novice but we didnt expect a beat down lmao

  55. Abubakar Sadiq
    Abubakar Sadiq
    Acum 3 luni

    It’s just funny how people think that if Conor done well against Floyd he will do well against other boxers loool. People forget that Floyd is a defensive boxer and not an offensive boxer. And Manny is an offensive boxer, he will murder Conor in a fked up way. Conor will not last against any offensive Boxer period. Manny vs Conor loool that is just crazy

  56. Randy Quench
    Randy Quench
    Acum 3 luni

    You lost me when you said Mayweather is the greatest of all time. Stop smoking crack Joe. You might as well said LeBron is greater than Michael Jordan too.

  57. Elias Müller
    Elias Müller
    Acum 3 luni

    Khabib ✌

  58. athena castillo
    athena castillo
    Acum 3 luni

    Are you serious mc gregor clash with pac that would be a punching bag and the worst knock out cold.but the best thing is $$$

  59. Sanushi
    Acum 3 luni

    heads up talks about may the whole time....

  60. JB CBBA
    Acum 3 luni

    This guys knows Mayweather was playing all rounds right? If he wanted he could have needed the fight in the first round. But that's no Fun for the fans who paid.

  61. Karlo Leandro Carillo
    Karlo Leandro Carillo
    Acum 3 luni

    It's a Pacquiao vs Mcgregor fight you keep on talking about Mayweather.

  62. Karlo Leandro Carillo
    Karlo Leandro Carillo
    Acum 3 luni

    What a Mayweather fanboy.

  63. Jay Campomanes
    Jay Campomanes
    Acum 3 luni

    Not much thoughts on how McGregor vs Pacquiao would go

  64. CᴀʀʟTᴢʏ シ
    CᴀʀʟTᴢʏ シ
    Acum 3 luni

    I wanna actually see that fight

  65. Sanchit Arora
    Sanchit Arora
    Acum 3 luni

    If conor had some gas tannk and went distance, he would've legitimately won atleast 5 rounds if not 6-7 but refrees would've still fucked with like 9 to 3 mayweather. But now conor is a totally different animal and he's a counter puncher which is more favourable for conor than mayweather. Manny maybe a tad bit faster than conor but conor is definitely more precise. Either way, it'll be a great fight and i really can't wait to see that match.

  66. Kerry Cruz
    Kerry Cruz
    Acum 3 luni

    I like you rogan but with all emotions aside you sound bias when you say Mayweather is the goat when you out of all people should know boxing has a swamp of its own and when you rewatch the maypac fight it clearly shows Manny won that fight, but at the end of the day it’s just our own opinions and I respect yours. 😎

  67. Michigan Great Outdoors
    Michigan Great Outdoors
    Acum 3 luni

    I miss watching this on ROfree, Spotify sucks

  68. Surfer Franco
    Surfer Franco
    Acum 3 luni

    Floyd carried McG to the 10th.

  69. Ed Vincent Calaguas
    Ed Vincent Calaguas
    Acum 3 luni

    Obviously Mayweather style is almost the total opposite of Pacquiao style and even Conor won’t make it toe to toe with Pacquiao. Pacquiao has a great chin and a lot more experience. Pacquiao will find Conor Rhythm and create a massive KO. I predict that the Pacquiao Conor fight will be just like the Pacquiao Hatton fight.

  70. paradisemime
    Acum 3 luni

    This dudes gay what does he know about boxing

  71. Nba LEGENDS
    Acum 3 luni

    Manny Pacquiao Ko 3rd round

  72. Amethyst Sapphire
    Amethyst Sapphire
    Acum 3 luni

    I just pray and hope if this comes true...that conor gets someone who really knows boxing in his team becuz from I saw in that corner in that floyd fight man alot of wrong signals all over the place...he's got boxing skills no doubt but taking on another top boxer idk I wish him the best and maybe he learned alot from his first boxing match like for instance not going out there and using up all your energy in the first 4 rounds had Connor been aware of that and paced himself better he could had lasted much longer but anyways even against someone less than mayweather like Pacquiao the odds are against him for sure.

  73. Jose P
    Jose P
    Acum 3 luni

    Boxing is turning into a circus joke. 😒

  74. kelvs
    Acum 3 luni

    Pacquiao is very talented he even do ballin 🏀

  75. Nelson Miscreola
    Nelson Miscreola
    Acum 3 luni

    I probably would love to see McGregor trash talking Manny... And see the Expression of Manny's face while McGregor Trash talk him... hahaha

  76. bruce wayne
    bruce wayne
    Acum 3 luni

    Joe stop hating Conor.

  77. bloodcorpse gamer
    bloodcorpse gamer
    Acum 3 luni

    what is a f****** stupid video half of the time you were talking about me with and talkin about the fight with Pacquiao and McGregor

  78. bloodcorpse gamer
    bloodcorpse gamer
    Acum 3 luni

    Mayweather should have one loss on his record the Castillo's got robbed in the first fight

  79. bloodcorpse gamer
    bloodcorpse gamer
    Acum 3 luni

    so you went to go see the fight McGregor vs Mayweather then watching Pacquiao beat the s*** out of Keith Thurman

  80. fkillah
    Acum 3 luni

    Who is this stupid casual talking as if he knows boxing and is supposedly a Manny fan. GTFO!

  81. Dullahan
    Acum 3 luni

    Manny won't play like mayweather, Connor's gonna get hurt of he doesn't drop, just like with Cotto and Margarito.

  82. Mark Reyes
    Mark Reyes
    Acum 3 luni

    I thought this clip is all about PAC vs McGregor....

  83. Gennady Golovkin
    Gennady Golovkin
    Acum 3 luni

    0:47 all u have to know

  84. M H
    M H
    Acum 3 luni

    Lol Maryweather is NOT EVEN CLOSE to being the greatest.... look at his oponenst... He isnt even in top 30....

  85. Robin Rollins
    Robin Rollins
    Acum 3 luni

    So, they are allowing money McGregor, to again disgrace the ufc by getting beat by a 40, or so yr old boxer. Lesson learned, in McGregor/Mayweather.?? UFC needs to stick with wrestling and arm bars, and quit talking shit on boxing

  86. Itlog
    Acum 4 luni

    Jeez, Pacquiao is a Pillar Man of Filipino Sport: Boxing, Basketball and Billiards. I wouldn't be surprise if also goes the less known Bowling.

  87. The Twelfth Red
    The Twelfth Red
    Acum 4 luni

    greatest of all time? give me a fucking break

  88. Fifthcell
    Acum 4 luni

    0:47 that was my face after he asked that lol

  89. JuneMar Buclol Gulitiw
    JuneMar Buclol Gulitiw
    Acum 4 luni

    if u see d past fight of mayweather i dnt whos d boxer fight by mayweather he is lose if u can see mayweather is lose bt d judges they can to win mayweather what kind of boxer in judges that i can say mayweather is fake undefeated in boring boxer style ever..

  90. JuneMar Buclol Gulitiw
    JuneMar Buclol Gulitiw
    Acum 4 luni

    i know mayweather is a fake undefeated as u can see vs.Manny unfair becoz if u can see during d fight pacquiao dominate d fight if u can try to reviset d score d time mayweather take drugs buying d judges..manny is win as u can see mayweather running hugging..after d fight he is win fucking shit.?at that time Manny P is writw hand.

  91. timb boy
    timb boy
    Acum 4 luni

    Bring Connor on it'll be so easy for you

  92. M4rston
    Acum 4 luni

    Ok, that wasn't a great left uppercut. It has got a good timing, a good thinking but it reached just Mayweather's arm. I guess that one right hook could had got him, in that situation

  93. Ed K.
    Ed K.
    Acum 4 luni

    Pacquiao has granite chin and incredible amount of energy.. I think he'd toy with McGregor for 2-3 rounds by dancing around McGregor and then just pummel him with thousand powerpunches. McGregor would never been prepared for onslaught of punches.

  94. llLOVEWiTHiNll HumbleBirds
    llLOVEWiTHiNll HumbleBirds
    Acum 4 luni

    Love Tony, Bless all the great times... So JoeyCoCo was not in this particular one?

  95. AJ
    Acum 4 luni

    It will be like Tiger vs cat fight Tiger= Manny

  96. Itsthemuscledad
    Acum 4 luni

    I respect conor mcgregor as a fighter and the whole mma community. I practice bjj myself. But this is so disrespectful! Not only to boxing fans, but to conor mcgregor fans as well, they just don't know it yet. Manny has a lot of experience in the boxing ring. Manny has 70 plus boxing fights and most of them are 12 rounders. Mcgregor is 0 and 1 in boxing. Of coarse before you all get mad yea i get it if it was in the octagon it would be a different story. Conor has a lot of wins in the octagon. But we are talking about in a boxing ring. Conor will lose, and he will get beaten worse against pacquiao because pacquiao is a better fighter than floyd.

  97. Korean Drama
    Korean Drama
    Acum 4 luni

    Joe, get Max Kellerman on your podcast.

  98. Kristiane Lim
    Kristiane Lim
    Acum 4 luni

    what the F` is the title about?

  99. AS J
    AS J
    Acum 4 luni

    I'm a Mayweather guy but Pacquiao ain't gonna tko will be a vicious ko.

  100. R W
    R W
    Acum 4 luni

    Yo we need comments sections on Spotify, it’s a whole ass community down here... Spread the word!!